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Venture Logistics featured
in Indianapolis Business Journal

Venture Logistics' president, Doug Williams, was interviewed for a
recent article in the Indianapolis Business Journal about the
current state of the logistics industry in Indiana.

To read the article - CLICK HERE

2010 Mark Burroug & Orval Stallsmith Scholarship
Award Winner - Brandon Banta

Brandon Banta is the 2010 recipient of the Mark Burrough and Orval Stallsmith Scholarship Award sponsored by Venture Logistics. The scholarship goes to a son or daughter of a
Venture Logistics associate to further their education in college or trade school.

Brandon Banta is an exceptional young manfrom Indianapolis who during hishigh school career
has earned theIndiana Academic Honors Diploma, been recognized with Roncalli High School's Sister Francesca ThompsonAward for academics and leadership all four years, played varsity football and hockey and volunteered countless hours for community service that's included serving food at the
Lord's Pantry (plus organizing the past 3 years' Thanksgiving Dinners) and outreach to poor families through St. Vincent de Paul charities.

An obviously very bright and personable young man, Brandon will head to Purdue University in
Lafayette, Indiana to continue his education studying engineering.

"I would like to thank Doug Williams and Venture Logistics for this generous scholarship which will
be put to good use with my college expenses at Purdue." said Brandon at the award ceremony on May 4th at VL Indianapolis headquarters, "I also would like to thank my family for their continued sacrifice and support of my efforts in every way. I'm as proud of them as I hope they are of me."


A Gathering of Master Drivers

A group of Master Drivers were recently recognized for their outstanding driving records
and long term service to Venture Logistics at our Lafayette, IN terminal.

Mike Patchett
(Shown with Ron Peters, Lafayette GM)
17 years accident free - 2,200,000 miles accident free
4 ½ years with Venture Logistics Completed a PTDI Course 12/1992
and has performed an heroic act

Dave Rosenquest
(Dave and Bill shown with Doug Williams)
22 years accident free - over 2,000,000 miles accident free
7 years with Venture Logistics. Has a record of community service and
has performed heroic act

Bill Deeming
31 years accident free 3,100,000 miles accident free
9 years with Venture Logistics
Has a record of community service and has performed an heroic act

Frank Young
(Shown with Ryan Dittenhoefer)
21 years accident free 2,300,000 miles
9 ½ years with Venture Logistics
Completed PTDI Course 9/88

Bill Starr
13 years accident free - 1,600,000 miles accident free
9 years with Venture Logistics
Helps stranded motorists (flat tires)


Venture Logistics Benefits Connect
& Group Benefits Information  
Your Venture Logistics Benefits Center          Group # 00110910         
Medical Insurance for the HSA Insurance and the Hospital Surgical Plan       Your Health Savings Account Bank   Group # 359415            
Your Dental and Vision Insurance              Your Vision provider     Group # 854642            
Your Vol Life, Long Term and Short Term Disability and Voluntary Dependant Life insurance provider  1-800-262-3862  Plan # PHU 306

Venture Logistics Drivers Safety Awards

Venture Logistics drivers can redeem their Safety Awards by
visiting this website link: DRIVER SAFETY AWARDS


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