Warehouse Logistics

Venture Warehouse & Distribution offers secure storage for a wide range of products in our centralized facilities. From telephone cords and computer hardware to outdoor furniture and home accessories, we are able to properly store inventory. If assembling or rerouting products is needed, we are also equipped to handle these services.

Venture Warehouse & Distribution facilities in Indianapolis, IN, are state-of-the-art, utilizing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology and are equipped with the latest security and fire monitoring services. Venture warehouse and distribution services are utilized by several manufacturers and importers as well as retailers such as Lowes, Sears, Walmart, Sams Club, Costco and Best Buy. 

Our  Indianapolis address puts us centrally located within a 600 mile radius to the nations top 100 markets. By having these strategically placed facilities in Indianapolis within close proximity to half of the US population, Venture Warehouse & Distribution is able to offer a complete range of order fulfillment and domestic warehousing services including:

•Container forwarding services
•Simple and sub assembly requirements
•Special bar coding services
•Display building and deployment
•Store fixture consolidation and delivery
•Kitting and order consolidation

Venture Warehouse & Distribution has immediate access to over one million feet of warehouse space in the central Indiana vicinity with the availability to add more space upon demand. We also offer a complete range of delivery modes and services from next door to across the country. Just-in-time service is our specialty.